Internet security

Internet ScurityFNEC provides security and control over your internet profile. As computer use has grown so has the real threat of data loss or theft. Work from home and the number of devices used by each employee has brought new threats to business.

Just the loss of a phone by a senior employee can cause repairable damage to the enterprise.

Thieves have found the internet to be a treasure trove of unprotected or under protected business. If you do not have a proper internet security plan in place, you are exposed.

Some important points to remember.

  1. No computing device is safe from a dedicated hacker. Think Yahoo, American Express, DNC, FBI, CIA... In-fact you name it and they have been subject the internet attacks.
  2. Hackers can cost you real $ and cents. Aside from computer down time, hackers can steal vital financial information and sell it on the dark web. (its real)
  3. The larger the enterprise the more dedicated the hackers. This means simple smart protection solutions can deter most hackers from small companies.
  4. You do not know how to protect yourself.

What FNEC will do for you.

A detailed study of your risk profile followed by a complete report and executive summary.

Implementation of the security plan.

Management and administrative guidelines to properly defend against cyber attack.

Attack detection and recovery.

Employee related risk and mitigation of the same.

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