About FNEC

From Retail credit card processing to Mobile to E-commerce First National Commerce brings the experience and support of worldpay.com to your doorstep. Worldpay is the largest card processing company in Europe, Asia and Australia. Beginning in 2014 Worldpay has started investing and growing in the US market. Today Worldpay is the fastest growing card processing company in the United States.

First National Ecommerce provides access to all worldpay services through online and in person contact. Simply fill our form and we will find the best solution for your business type.

First National retail card readers are the state of the art. All readers can accept swipe or chip transactions as well as contact less Apple pay and Samsung pay. Card readers connect through the internet in an end to end encrypted communication to prevent loss of customer data. Card readers also connect through the phone line for when Internet is not available.

Our mobile card readers are perfect for small merchants or on the go service providers. The mobile readers have been successfully deployed in all kinds of service industries including home repair and transport providers.

First national uses comprehensive libraries of code to guarantee secure card processing online for all kinds of users. We also provide hosted solutions for those who do not want to get into the cost of hosting and secure servers.

First National Ecommerce is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ampak Billing Corp and has been providing credit card processing since 1995.

Nasir Abdul Raoof